Thursday, March 01, 2007

Happy " Muhibah" New Year

I think people living in Malaysia will get used to 'Muhibah' culture , as in means chinese ,malay and indian living in a same roof . friends from oversea used to ask me ' how can i able to handle all the differnet cultures "... well , " Handle With Care " i guess.. :P

Even Indian New Year , Malay New Year or Chinese New Year us , is like " YAHOOO.. holidays". and we even mixed up every new year, who cares wat year .

For me , the top 5 Chinese New Year list i wish for will be :

1) Ang Pow ( red packets contain wit $$$$ )
2) Fireworks ( the government banned , yet i still heard lots of poppin sound )
3) Lou Sang ( chinese believe it will bring us good luck in coming New Year )
4) gathring wit old friends n family members ( my god ... 4th place )
5) Lion Dance
6) the list keep on goin....

talking about Lion dance , during my childhood back at nilai ,my grandpa place , he used to hire Lion dance, and i don know why , i jus love to see them dancing ,and the drums part . And when i back to teh city , hardly i can see any Lion dance, and my dad even bought me a small Lion head for me, and i will dance all day long wit drums beat inside my head.
I don't know when the last time i got to see Lion dance where organised by our families members. how--ever , on tuesday as usual i went to Lifestyles office coz they having New Year dinner, and surprised me that they hired a Lion Dance. As i mentioned earlier these days , not only chinese will get involved in Lion dance, even the members who play the drums, or incharged the Lion head n tail , there were consist of malay ,chinese and indians. like i say Happy "Muhibah" New Year.

The Lions peeling the mandarin orange skin off

Happy Buddah Leading the way for the Lions to pick the Vege ( Chai Ching)

"muhibah" - chinese , malay , indian

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