Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas !!!

Once again , Merry Christmas to everyone , may all the joy and dreams comes true to all of you.
i think the Christmas eve celebration used to be a annual events for us ... which is having great time with a bunch of great friends at the same old cool place , Crown Regency apartment , located at central of KL clubbing area.

It was our honor to have Mr. Robert Heng to be our organizer for Xmas eve 07 celebration , and i think we all agreed that he is so great in organizing this party , like some chinese say " If he say he is no.2 , no body will dare to be no 1 " ...... way to go dude .

most of us arrived at the apartment around 6pm or 7pm besides than Robert ,SoonYean , Merve n Joan , they were there since noon and started the Mahjong , and i don think we will skip the mahjong session every year . Then they went for the next door Secert Recepi for a gatheirng dinner which this year i had my dinner earlier as i didt'y have my breakfast n lunch.

The present soon to be exchange after 12am mid night , most of us were hoping to get the big one of coz.

mahjong..mahjong .... oh my mahjong , can u actually believe Joan, Merve , Ztuan and Elaine were actually played all night long until 7am in the morning. even when i was asleep , i can even hear Zetuan laughters the most ... bet he must won a lot , kekekekeke.

and this year SoonYean brought along his PS2 , can see how excited soonyean with his soccer match until he cant close his mouth.

And came to a time where our Organizer have to stop all our activities as he had prepare some games for us ' Win Loose or Draw ' .... it was pretty excited seeing both teams drawing n screaming , and i thought we agreed earlier on drawing ' Famous Place '...... NO MORE DRAWIN ON EDWIN PLACE ....... wahahaha :P , i thought someone would came out with places like ' cheehow house' or ' robert house ' or maybe 'soonyean house' ..... it will be fun to draw that. :P

half our before the clock struck 12am ...we walked to KL plaza for count down , sad to say that this year KL plaza was not as merrier as last year , and they even didn't have the front main lights on .. hmmm, wondering if that place was banned due to what we did they last year.

anyway, that doesnt stop us from celebrating the countdown , we all walked across the street to Pavilion , the latest shopping area.

see , i wasnt that heavy after all ..... hahahaha

not to forgeting Merves .... i don know why everyone loves to touch his private part so much.. hmmmmm .

3...2....1.... Merry Christmas :) , and also before goin back to our apartment , let's have a group photos.

The first thing back to apartment of coz is present exchange .... and this is what i got , and is from tammy i think... thanks ya.

i'm sure everyone enjoying their present exchange moment .... and most of us were seriously looking forward for Daryan present , coz he gave out a coffee blender or something ???

Since Simon the Chef not able to join us for this year christmas , therefore i have to be the backup chef to cook maggi mee for the rest ...and as usual , i was treated the same way , after finish cooking , i have to eat my supper secretly. the only difference was , this year not the same person accompany ( check out Last Year )

Never missed our Twister game , and this really killing my muscles ....

well, you know what they said .. they night is still young , is almost 3am and the street still fill with laughters and celebrations mood , moreover we are at the 4th floor , and easily can heard some drunken people shouting in the middle of street.

This year Christmas i would say a bit peaceful .. and the people were too focusing on mahjong and PS2 ... and i don think anyone of us got drunk. but at least we had fun , the gathering ......
and of coz next year 2008 , robert will orgarnized again , better than this year huh.... :)


wmw said...

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Hengster said...

Wow...ur blog have so much details. Very nice write up. Will link to your site.

catsndogs said...

wmw : same to u , hope u enjoy ur holidays

hengster : thanks , but u cant jus put pic maa.. i thought linking to ur site too