Thursday, December 06, 2007

Fukku The Celebrity

Pavilion seems to be the most happening top shopping Mall in KL at Bukit Bintang Walk area .. inside filled with lots of high ends and branded stuff. Infact , i never been there since opening and soft launching until i had an event working wit BobbiBrown cosmetic.

BobbiBrown having 3 days event and one of a day is located at their own shop which located ground floor. Again , a very last minute looking for japan translator for them , and all the time person who came to mind for japan translator are Jason Chen , Ah Boy , NMMC Jason and Fukku .... after short listing , Fukku tends to be the best man in mind .... anyway BobbiBrown incharge person did ask me to be there translator , but seems i'm half boiled water , hahaa... i rather be the organizer helping them :P

Due to their budget , the took of some of the performances suppose to have , and only go for make-up , and infact they did look for different make-up artist from different countries like hongkong , thailand and Japan. And obviously need the translator for the make-up artist when helping the models for make up.

Make-up artist from Japan , which Fukku seems getting very well and comfortable with them , but sad to say , found out that out of 10 , 8 of them , and most of them were gay , i mean real gay .... and that's also made fukku always a mystery to us , all this yearsss.... i mean.. is he..... errr.....

anyway , is a good platform for fukku in future ... i mean for doing translation . And i do welcome anyone who can , or who have specialty in each of them , and i'm happy to work with them , who knows , i might need your help one day .... like fukku , i knew he get good rewards and many many products worths from BobbiBrown... :P

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