Monday, June 04, 2007

Toy Workers , Joy Makers

Is really fun n relaxing chatting with James ,Owner of TOY WORKERS , located at Subang Square Shopping Gallery , if you guys had no idea where is it about , well ... basically jus next to Taylor's Business College building.

Bumped into this guy when he had set up a booth at 1U during the movie carnival week. Don't get surprise if anyone of you drop by during last week events, basically all the toys belongs to James. and not to mentione the Transformers , "Monticon" Mike owns more than 2,000 ++++ until he himselves also lost count , errr.. i think that does not include his brother collection at UK.

Dropped by James shop this monday noon , and today is jus another great fine monday :) . supposed to meet up some clients but we were too excited on the toy's conversation , about how James n Mike started up wit TransMy fans club at initial stage , and today finally seen a bit of lights coming from far corner , can felt the proudness of them. Can't believe that James actualy started collect his toys started age 16 .. it was jus hobby at that time, when slowly , it changed to passion , then to a work , a work wit no pressure. Until way 6 years back , he met up wit Mike, and there , the stories begin.......

Toy Workers Located at SubangSquare, which will open another branch, nearby...

The only left after last week pre-sales

Marvel in the the Box

Soldeirs reading porn ??

Batman : well , i heard ur latest movie "Superman return" not so good in cinema.....
Superman : ahh haha ... neither to u Badman

" I'm Spidy.. No.. ur not.. i'm..I'M ....I'M...i'm......NO, I'm.......... "

Jacky Cheung ,Andy Lau Jacky Chan ..with Princss Leia in her cheongsum

Jedi master

Don't know if anyone of you still remember G-Force the cartoon , One of James collection.



Chunky n' Tiffany out kids.

" haloo ..wei ..weii , yess yess... i need 10 more boxes of transformers now , ok.... "

James is so busy with his phone that noon that he had no time to check his mail ... calls in all asking for Transformers toy figure. Infact there's lots more you can find at James shop , why don jus drop by and pay him a visit , if you looking for some toys for collection or gift or anything in ur mind , he's is the right person to look for.

sg-31-01, 1st Floor
Subang Square Shopping Gallery
Jalan ss15/4G
57500 Subang Jaya , Selangor
Email :


log into and register for FREE
all you need to do is just get the RM80 package includes :

Transmy T-shirts
Merchandice from Transmy fan club
FREE 2 tickets for the 27th Premier show , Just for TransMy Fans.



wmw said...

Cool shop....What did the four guys do with Princess Leia after the shot? Ha ha ha...

catsndogs said...

huh ? u mean u didnt check out the newspaper after 1 month. She got pregnant .. but don know who is the culprit... wahahaha :P

Precious Pea said...

Err..i wonder if anyone dare to buy Chucky home. Eeee...scary!

catsndogs said...

hi precious .. don get too surprised , i actually met a fren did buy and display at his room :P