Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lunch With 2 Hainan-nist

What will happen if u put 2 Hainan-nist and 1 Hakka-kia together during lunch time ?????
They eat eat eat... and jus eat . wahahahaa

Robert took consecutive 2 days leave , and since he went to Yik Kee the previous day, and i don think he managed to taste the rest of the nice food. So i rang up Foo , another Young at Heart Hainanese joinned us for lunch, again , at Yik Kee , so that we can ordered n enjoyed sharing few more variety food .

Beef Noodle wit extra order , robert head

Roti Babi

Fried Tung Fun

The 3 course meal , 3 of us shared , but i think it does not satisfied our tummy, so we decided to order extra 2 more dishes .......

chicken chop

Fish Ginger Rice

becoz of Lunch time, we cant sit for long so we processed to next door mamak shop. but i don think our stomach can fill in anymore stuff.. but only ais kosong. After a short chat , finally leaving that area wit full of saticfaction.


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

u flers sure can eat! I like da roti babi with lots of worchestershire sauce! woohoo.

catsndogs said...

ya yaaa ... instead order the fish ginger rice n chicken chop.i would have order 2 more plates of roti babi, if not becoz of robert...
but he also 'da pou' one roti babi before he left the place

Kel*Kel said...

Hey Chee How,
are u a hakka nyin?
Me too...hahaha :P
the food looks toooooooo good

Hengster said...

I love roti babi!
And the ginger fish is delicious..!
Get rid of my face in the photo!

lil star said...

Hello from London! Just want to say thanks for putting up the photos. The food looks so real and so good in the shots - nothing fancy, just straight up, as good as it gets. Aaa... Homesick. :)

catsndogs said...

kel : yes ah.. me hakka-ngin , hakka ngin ,hak si ngin :P

rob : awwwww.. isnt he adorable :P merajuk pula.

lil star : thanks.. jus a normal pic, coz not a pro yet. yup, still i think even so many places i been. malaysia food still the best..( for me yaa )

k.t.x said...

ohhh u r hakka?? lol. cool, brothers unite!

juz hope over from the many 'advertisements' posted on the laundry the power of

catsndogs said...

k.t.x : chi ga ngin ????

Kelly said...

so, only k.t.x is your chi ga ngin?
I am not ar? Cis!!!!!!!!
I'm hak si ngin.
I heard from old ppl that hakka boys like to eat tofu..haha
and hakka girls are very fierce.
I want to listen to you speak Hakka...kekeke
You should explore around KL and find a nice hakka restaurant and post it on your blog.

wmw said...

Ha ha ha .... I like that caption "Beef Noodle with extra order, Robert Head"...Okay, wanna go there and eat the roti babi!

catsndogs said...

kelly : ahh yoh , u know i know u chi ga ngin also maa.. no need say out maaa :D

wmw :hmmm ... let me know when u wanna drop by there. i don mind go again, we can go for lunch ya.. :D