Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The 80's cartoon

had an awsome night watching spider-man3 together wit 22.. or 23 person. thanks to Robert the movie arrangers , without him, we all never had chance get together , sharing the same memories together ,way to go Rob.. keep it up.

infact , i never complain about all the cartoon that came real to movie , to me , i gave a high respect to all the directors who able to make my childhood dreams came true. If you able to do something that let people say "Wow".. thats a credit to them :) . i'm hoping few more cartoon to be shot in movie. well, said i'm a cartoon freak... yea, i admit.. :D so ...are u ??



Anyway, transformer i decided to put it out coz i don wanna Yen to think wrongly how Thundercats n Transformers goes , no doubt both started wit same letter ' T'. :P


Hengster said...

Hey thanks for the flash back. When I watch the opening for Thundercats, I still remember the rush in my heart, singing the song while eagerly waiting for the next adventure with Thundercats...

Hey you forgetting the following cartoon:

catsndogs said...

i hope they will do a better thundercats compare the youtube i saw from ur site... wahahaha