Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Nurses Day

Every year we celebrating our birthday , National day , Teacher's day ( which i'm also consider 1/4 teacher ) , fathers' day and even mother's day , that's today ... of coz like every year, we will out dinner wit mom's ,giving her presents.... but actually to me everyday is mothers day, we don need to do extra things or give extra love for jus that day ... ... everyday , by calling your mom wit no intention , that's already a sweet gift , accompany her for dinner, stop giving excuse like "i'm busy" ..... manage own time n spend a some time with her is the best gift ever.

13th is mother day , but i'm sure no one aware 12th May is nurses day ... early this year my grandma once hospitalised n i have to sent her to hospital , taking care her from morning till noon, and of coz wit the help of the nurses , and came to my realisation , they deserve a high respect . When we were born , who is the first person that actually we first see ... nurses n doctors, infact it might not even your fathers, he might be freak out to death seeing his own son/gaughter came out from his wife ass....... imagine when someone last breathbefore dying , who is the person who actually take care n look after you and clean you , the nurses too.

infact ... be a little respect to them , especailly i know when someone close to us admitted to hospital, we care about them .. and same goes the nurse , they will do care for the patient , mayb you can say becoz of the job ... but is not easy to look for someone who do all this jus becoz they don know our relatives. i'm sure this people should be given higher respect......

Happy Nurses day


Hengster said...

Happy Missy day to Wei Wei..

Chee How: dont come out from ass...that would be nasty..

Lucy said...

Happy belated nursey day to Wei Wei too..

Chee how,
you are so sweet to post this up!!! An appreciation towards your loved ones' job.


catsndogs said...

Thanks..Thanks.. ( on behalf )

soonyean said...

Happy Nurse Day to our missy, no more needles please.... :D

catsndogs said...

sorry SY.. u have to have few more needles, u r too weak.. always sick... wahahaa