Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Start counting with new laps

New year started with new plan , new plan which is starting back my jogging ..... i stopped jogging in year 2008 October , and until end of 2009. Well , i don't wanna talk about it what happen in between , but i'm happy that i can back on track again.

well , checking back my shoe rack ..... i really lack of a good pair of running shoes ,well ..... although i have few plenty of shoes , yet honestly i still need a good running shoes. And seriously i really forgot when is the last time i bought shoes. Well , since my sis inviting me join her for the Putrajaya night walk , and been practising my stamina ..... so without wasting time , went to mid valley for little survey , without much hesitation , got myself a New Balance running shoes... taaa daaaa........ yes , cant wait for tomorrow evening for another practise session. :d

hey dude ..... i havent start the grand opening wearing new shoes yet .....
looks like Rapheal gonna get piss off by the rest.

Somebody gonna get hurt real bad .........

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