Friday, February 09, 2007

wat the Tagged....

YEA.. again.. thanks once again to UNka leong for startin this tagging stuff , then being tagged from rob as well. here you go '5 things u probably know or don know about me'...

when i'm around age 4 , i stayed at ss3 and used to go to my cousin house ( jus opposite me ), everymorning my mom will pack ready lunchbox for me n bag n accompany me over jus to 'pretend' i go to school while actually i jus accompany my cousin until she go on-board.
one day as usual ,samething happen.. but the only different is i followed her up to school bus which my mom hardly find me n started to get panic. Later at kindergarten the teacher was so surprise when head count n found extra student. she called to my parents n they came to the kindergaten n knowing me like to mix around so i was registered to kindergarten.

i had a serious accident during high school when i follow my fren's dad back one aftrenoon. jus infront of damansara height ( help college building ) . a car bang on us from site, and my jaws hurts bad until now i can easily hear the 'cracking' sound inside me.. or even outsite. the doc said had to do operation which i totally freaking scared out. that's why my jaws n teeth are not even... i don have a nice teeth. :(````

i love music so much i jammed a lot during high school that i retained one year of my high school due to poor results, measn i study 7 years instead of 6 . i played drums started age of 15. joinned few bands. The so-called biggest wow for me was the time we performed at Melaka stadium during independence day and once performed at Orchard road Singapore. was so sad when i had to cut my long hair that had wit me for 4 years.

used to tease a lot by friend especially ROB....due to my powderful english.
jus becoz i am not good in english , the word between ' organism' and ' orgasm ' .... had been arousing me for years. i learned my lesson now laa, but i think the curse will keep on goin on n on... who has the cure for this curse..... help me

i actually never work for people ..due to my AP , but i love to work with people. But i was amazed of myself when i actually managed to get my own car n condo at age 26. which that's my own short term goal when i compete wit myself. and 5 years from now, i set another 5 years short term goals, hope it comes true by then

there u go.. 5 things which u might or might not know about me.... shit, i don think i can tag everone else either. unless if u tag urself, please do reminds me to read ur blog ya.


IVY said...

whats with all these blog tags? I'm suprised more people dont say
"nope not doing it" it's like taking chain letters VERY SERIOUSLY which come to think of it I probably did the very first time I got one, I thought it was a novelty and kinda cool... (I was 13?)
Thanks for the comments about my breasts!!! Love, geneva . (that's not really my name. _

Hengster said... only get the organism curse... me ah:

1) Sotong Keok (Sotong leg)
2) Lan Se (Blue Colour)
3) So, mem So mem So
4) Ke Wei Chia Ping


Wei, since when you start commenting on people breast on the Web? Sei Hamsap Lou!

soonyean said...

CH, how about clubbing at Cementery (Sanctuary) and Lottery Bar (Laundry Bar)??? ... hehehe

catsndogs said...

KNN.. how about buried me..