Wednesday, February 14, 2007


i'm impress of what soonyean had done and contributed some write-up about the AP members. i mean is kinda tired to explain again what's really AP means, in short, Attitude Problem. and why AP , quoted by Soonyean

" We have attitude problem by choice which means we do it under control and in full concious "

However , with those AP-ians around at the community , what does it help ??? the answer is.. nothin much. Therefore ,you cant jus letting those guys running at the streets, and therefore APCC is established. known as Attitude Problem Correction Centre. a place were given a chance to correct their attitude ??? or to make it worst.. .. watever.

we need someone to run that place ..someone who is capable , someone who really contribute,

he must have the following criteria :

1. someone who can handle stuff till way up high
2. someone who can handle the pressure all time deep down.
3. some one who is clean, not playing dirty .
4.someone who really got support from the community.

after few selection among all the AP-ians , We are proud to present you our new APCC's CEO - AP - SOONYEAN.

i'm sure this will convince all of you to vote for him as CEO , i'm sure no objection from the floor , and no rights to object also... shut-up.

No one can fly a plane way high like him or perhaps jus sit in a plane-- " thumbs up"

no one can handle the pressure deep down like him " no problem .. piece of cake " - sy on right -

No worries , we checked him already... is all clean.

The most important things is .........










he had a bloody big supporters

is my honor given the chance to do some write-up about my CEO.
to view the rest of the -AP- members , please visit our CEO blog at :


kel*Kel said...

Happy V-day Chee How!

soonyean said...

MKH, can i be president instead of CEO? :P

Hengster said...

damn! No comment man!

catsndogs said...

well ... if u want become president, sure ...
CEO n President.. all yous...

Mervyn said...

APCC needs a janitor as well. SY want the job too? LOL!