Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Now Everywhere Can Cut

Low cost Airline AirAsia came out 3 or 4 years ago and turned out to be a major successful to the public who cant afford to fly with expensive flights , brilliant idea and smart move. And people never stop thinking new idea to target the market , the only to become a survival and succecessful is to be INOVATIVE n DIFFERENCE , no doubt ... and then a bit of luck.

we got AirAsia up the air and now we have HairAsia on the ground , surprisingly this is under Thomas n Guy hair Group , now you can save your time going to barber shop if u find the salon too expensive or when u wating for someone and don mind spending time having a nice air cut... well, you figure that out...

AirAsia with "NOW EVERYONE CAN FLY "....... i figure that out if they don mind for a slogan like ... " Now Everyone Can Cut "... or ..." Now EveryWhere Can Cut "

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Anonymous said...

how connie yur tag line copy air asia & also copy hair asia from filipina & copy that zass hair on wheels, sad1say i used2frequent thomas&guyz but now it looks like their only3rd class!! quality...hahaha