Monday, October 29, 2007

Another Penang Trip

In this 2 months i think i been to Penang quite a lot , and no doubt is a very lovely island located at Malaysia north site. The previous 2 times is more on work . This time i'm lucky being invited bye weiwei to attend her Graduation , although she been working for 3 years , don ask me why ...ask her or her nursing college.

The only reason again i was invited because the college only allows ONE person to attend the ceremony , and also due to some reason her parents of attending ... i was being the choosen one :P

i know when we are Leos , we do pledge . Surprisingly seeing them stood up for Nurse's Pledge too.

" i Pledge of my hand , extended n open , to help those in needs ......... "
" i Pledge of my heart , to reach for it..... and it will be touch....... "

opppss .. wrong pledge.

Anyway, these days nurse don wear anymore white n short n sexy skirt .. if u think they do , forget about it . and don even ask them why .... or else they will bring along their needle and chase after you .. so, jus don ask... wahahahaha. but i do salute to these few young and talented , responsible , lovely nurses ... and congratulations once again :)

Of coz going to Penang not just attendding her graduation , but food is something where comes to people mind when we talk about going to Penang , and the most basic common food that must eat , and everyone will love to eat non other than Asam Laksa ,Lobak , Chay Kuey Tiao and Cendol , yummy.. yummy....

besides food , this is what i love about penang , the DVD's .... wooohooo , is damn bloody cheap , usually when we get a dvd in KL around rm7 to Rm10 ... but in Penang , they only cost Rm4. usually only be found at Batu Ferringgi area , i told my myself stop buying .... but it jus cant ... TOOOO CHEAAPPPPPPPPP ...... when comes to the bill , only i realised i spent RM150 for plenty of DVD'ssssss ....

haha.. i think mostly i will spend my weekends finishing watching movie at home , and for my next trip to penang .. is not just food .. but DVD's :P

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Simon said...

Eh, you want to be caught by customs meh, posting all those DVD on your blog!?