Sunday, March 09, 2008

Time For A Change

8th March is a big day for the Malaysian , and also an important day , yet it also re-write the history of malaysia over past 40 years. Some cried because of joy and some cried for dissapointment. However , there's not always sunny day.

Malaysia 12th March election day , i missed the past being a bad boy not voting , this year i think is time for a change , for a better tomorrow.

I was amazed when i got news from the north ,knowing the opposition hadnt been loosing since starting counting the votes. Then slowly from Perak site , Negeri Sembilan .... but what i most wanted to know is the results from my area Peatling Jaya Utara, which is 2 parties Chow mee Fun n Pan Cheng Wei ........ when the results out , happy to see the others parties crying :)

The parliment no doubt really needs somone who can voice out if anything goes wrong , someone who dare , someone who cares the community , but not just talk talk talk but no action , or jus being selfish for their own community races , yet Malaysia always put the motto "Peace n Harmony "

At least this year , this decades , we will see how the opposition leads , and of coz , being a citizen , if a new government is not doin their job right or not being satisfied , for the next election , we as citizen also have the rights to change. what we want , a better tomorrow. For those who not voting , please do take a good look what the new government can do , then ..... vote for them , being good or bad.


wmw said...

Let's look forward to a new day!

catsndogs said...

A New Hope ... and if is good , a better 4 yeaars , or else , it will be another no difference 4 years :)