Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Leo KLCC turned 10th

" another 10 years passed , is a miracle, and i'm sure our club will still make another miracle in 10 years "

That's roughly my sms quote when MinHan message asking me send something for the club. i thought mine was short , but CheeYee was even shorter than mine. Guess who's the longest message sent.... non other than Father Robert Heng, Amen . i think non of us managed to finihed reading Father Robert message... :P ( mind to write again show us ahh )

our club had a lovely 10th anniversary at Bon Ton restaurant , jalan Conlay, next to Prince Hotel. many of out past prrsident attented this lovely 10th anniversary , some of our members even rush all the way from Singapore . sooooo touched.

i have to say the food there was great as i took the fish set with mashed potatoes , salad wit cheese. i think i was too extremely really hungry that when the food came i jus ate n forgot to snap teh lovely pic. i think for food bloggers even how hungry they still will snap photo huh.. don they ????? so, i still not qualified a food blogger. wahahaha.....

the environmen there was indeed very cozy and i would say is a lovely place for gathering, small gathering i mean , and this short lovely evening really turned up a meaningful eveing to the club.

Our 2nd Past President Leo Jason performing his GuZhen skills... damn shiok

The most lovely band , Elaine n Soonyean , if i tell u guys the had nothing ... u have to believe me, they are really nothin.

NO no.. honestly, we are really playing chicken games song ... really , trust me

SoonYean came out wit most touching moment , " Late NIght wit Leo SoonYean " ... he gave his 4 pages long speeches. i mean i can felt that is not jus a paper writing, but truely inside his heart. wat caught me most from his word was ' the day we had together in club, the moment we had been cheerish , the fun , the laughters ........ " . i was so touched n almost wanna tears drop n went to hug him... what i can say ,Soonyean although you didnt see him much attending the club meeting, but he sue is the man behind the club supporting the youngs one.... stay the spirit n fire on ya.

Leo CheeYee , our 4th Past President wit her lovely baby n hubby along to the anniversary dinner.

The Young and Old groups of Leos , together we stand ... more stronger.

Cake Cutting by current President Leo Zetuan which also his last day duty . i should say he did a good job in his fiscal year of Leo service , and now is Lee's time, and for sure will we always be there to support u. Together will the rest of the Past President and Lions on stage.

the lovely cake from Just Heavenly , is marvellous .
10 years .... my god , cant believe we had gone through 10 years. And i believe KLCC Leo will still remain as strong as before even though in another 5 years.


Irene said...

Congratulations Omega Leo Club of KLCC for the anniversary...

Keep up the good work! ROAR!

catsndogs said...

irene : thanks.. n u r welcome to join in the family :)

Irene said...

my pleasure...thanks for inviting...