Tuesday, January 08, 2008

unexpected event

A lovely Monday morning , sun do shine brightly an hot , but as we all know Malaysia weather cannot be trusted. 2008 starting events for cash converters for 2nd consecutive year , and last year my first event was actually cash converters , therefore this event really means a lot to me.

As this year they wanna to be outdoor at MInes Beach resort BBQ , things sometimes just cant predict , noon when we arrived is still having hot weather , but that does not last for long when a dark clouds blowing to our direction in a very fast movements. And then without any preparation it just suddenly rained ..... heavily. But that does not stop us from continue the event.

So ,with our backup plan which is to move back to the shelter place nearby the cafe area , however things still goes smooth as we plan. We started with a cool Capoeira dance , well basically Capoeira is more a Brazil martial arts + street dancing , is both mixture and make it a perfect fight. And if anyone notice a commercial of 100 plus where a guy performing Capoeira inside the water , well.. check this out where he perform live.

Eventually they did the starting performance , it was merely a short performance , but it got a lot of applause from the crowd. After that follow by the speech from the company President.

The whole night event we filled with laughters when we play some games , and also we played Cash Converters Beach Idol .... where they had judges like , randy , jackson n paula of coz. During working days , the people were so serious about their work , but when comes to fun time, these people sure know how to have fun. And is really my pleasure to do their company annual dinner , and wish me luck for the 3rd coming year ...... :)

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