Sunday, April 06, 2008

Summer Blockbuster

At least started getting excited about Transformers 2 will be out next summer , june .....

but before that , some Blockbuster movie i'm been waiting to watch this summer..
wooo hoooo..... :D

Indiana jones 4

Batman - The Dark Knight

Iron man

Hell Boy 2 -The Golden Army

Incredible Hulk 2

This second hulk Eric bana changed to Edward Nortan as Bruce Banner (Hulk) , Edward Nortan gave the the strong impression when he acted in Italian Job as Steve , a real bastard to me ..... but since he holding the big movie, might as well give him a 2n chance.

And for Betty ... surprise to know that Live tyler took over the main actress, well at least a new face.


wmw said...

I want to see all of them! must remember to bring a box of tissue along when you watch Transformer 2 ;o)

catsndogs said...

wmw : no worries , will buy more n collect tissue startin now :d