Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Malaysian Driver

This is something kinda angry about where don know how do the driver get his/her drving license. It was peak hour at subang and .. c'mon laa. jus a tiny bloody car and somemore took 2 packing places. can't they be more considerate.

Malaysia , i think the accident rates getting worst n worst , and especially when u read the newspaper this morning , can see how the bus driver drove and caused 16 death. i jus got curious, what are them thinking when they drving the bus , don they know , people lives all depends on the driver. I mean driving is one hell of the problem in malaysia , not to mention even on parking problem.. the same....

I think these days i drive even more careful and slower ... and for those who are impatient kept on honging at me.. MY God...c'mon laaa


wmw said...

Yalor, these drivers, not civic minded at all. This blog might be of interest to you then


catsndogs said...

wmw : yaa , seen that blog before also. i mean , takkan they know they park wrongly, cant they jus reverse n park nicely... KNN