Saturday, August 04, 2007

August Thoughts

well , is nice that now already august , mid july until the last day seems a busy month. And at least i have one week rest before goin for another new projects soon.

I need to have a short weekends break , need to spend time with my parents , though we stay under one roof , but i hardly seen my mom in July , but only called her n talk on phone :P . Dad's been asking me if needs any help from him , thanks ... you just spedn your time with your wife ya. Grandma been slighty better , at least she begun to opened her eyes , yet cant talk .... Poor snowy had not been eating for the past few days after she lost her daughter 2 weeks back , i knew how she felt .......

Merdeka month , thought of getting the project for merdeka parade and show , but failed ... mayb we still needto brush on our company, wil target for next year 2008. However didnt really fell dissapointed , but can be added little extra hapiness as i will be expanding my business , setting up my own factory , we came out wit the name called ....... " Absolute Production Sdn. Bhd " .. hahaha. As the factory mainly used to produce more n more robots suits , and transformers projects will be keep on goin until year 2009 , the 2nd series. Besides , not jus robots , but also to build different kinda probs n stuff.

hmmmm , as times goes by , i think is time to plan for 2008 , is it way to early ??? don think so huh , like ppl always like to quote " Fail to plan is to plan to fail ". However , things need to be sacrifice , too many ..... especially i had kinda long not out wit my buddies for eating session , movie sessions , and most important , travel session. Hope u guys still with me ya.

When the opportunities comes , grab it ... like Witwicky motto " No sacrifice , no victories " . But i still miss u guys a lot. :)


Hengster said...

Hey man!
Dont is the time for u to fight for the future. Make sure u become successful, then u can spend all of us one nice holiday since u missed a few already.

wmw said...

All the best....remember, I'm available for freelance work! Ha ha ha....

catsndogs said...

hengster : thanks for that support man , i know i can , jus see how far i go from my new industry , since after i had challenge myslef in Lifestyles. will challenge for a new one here.. :)

wmw : hahaa... no worries, i will need more freelance for sure :D

Irene said...

hey Chee How..gambateh!!

glad to hear that you are expanding your business.. make sure you still remember me after you become a successful big businessman ya!

and...of course, with a stable career, i guess it's around the time to think about your 'future happiness' eh? muaha... keep me inform!!

catsndogs said...

irene : i hope i'm right wit the irene that i'm thinking now , takumi's sis ??? :P
and thanks for the wishes :)

Irene said...


aih...what happened in friendster seems to be happened here again.. sigh!

Here's Irene from Kuantan... guess I am just someone that will never appear in any of your thoughts! :(~

Nevermind... still wishes you the best!!

catsndogs said...

irene : sorrrryyy ahh... :P , coz i had too many irene in my list :), realy sorry sorry ahhh :P