Thursday, August 09, 2007

Giovanni Calabrese

" You are Kraaaazzy ......... "

" Is Impossible .......... "

this is what Giovanni had been saying for the past two weeks , Giovanni or what we called him Gio as his short form, easy to remember, a Italian YE ( Youth Exchange ) student that stayed in our place for 2 weeks. All this while we had hosted many Japanses girls , but not a single boy . After both my sister went to Australia , i thought mayb i can host someone not from japan but mayb from Europe , As also my parents will be free at this moment even if i'm not around , hehehe....

Gio is very hyperactive , as the first day he came , i thought he can't speak english, as i for sure not a single italian , however we tried hard to communicate wit hands and every single movement at the beginning, then things going smooth within few days , and even pretty well going wit my parents. The best things he enjoy definately is seeing pretty gals and get to know the new friends, as for me ... a driver of Mr.Giovanni :P

The day he arrived , wanted to visit the KL tower n KLCC where he heard about it so much from Italy , so we made a early morning trip down to town together with James.

Gio went for the Lions club meeting and having banners exchange with the Lions Club President.

The Next day , went to KL tower , also had a ceremony , cultural exchange wit the monkeys, Gio giving out the Italian chips to the monkey.

say cheeezeeeeeee.......

haha , i had hired a Chef from Italy making some nice delicious spaggetti n pasta. From the way he made pasta and spaggetti , is totally not the same method as wat we did in malaysia. Luckily he also gave out the secret recipe for making the real italian food , guess wat .. the secret recepi is actually written on the apron :D

And the happy moment for him is to invite all the new friends he knew in malaysia over for a lovely dinner. and Surprisingly that , my dad don even like to eat much spaggetti n pasta , but the way Gio cooked , dad ended up ate few plates.

Soonyean : " Be patient , my young apprentice ....... "
Giovanni : "Yes Master ....... "
Thanks for SoonYean aka The Mahjong King , giving out free private lessons how this games work, and Gio is so concentrating and also being a good apprentice , writing down in his note book of every single rules and regulation that soonyean taught him . And my dad even gave him a set of mahjong to him back to Italy. hmmm.. i think later on Italy will famous for mahjong all becoz of Giovanni. mayb he can starts with " Giovanni Mahjong club "

weiwei , shah and chienchien joinning us for dinner , and as usual the menu more or like the same , sweet n sour pork and lemon chicken is his favourites fooooood.

Gio is trying his best to use chopstick everytime we went for dinner , don be surprise his chopstick skills is improving. No worries , already gave u some chopsticks back home to practise , till next time we'll see your results.

i think the gal would rather punch him as he was kept on asking hugs n kisses , well as this is their culture. But i think the guys here would like to punch him as well as we didnt manage get anything even we know the gals for so long... KNN.....

However , we really have a great time having you around in our family, and as what u promise will be back in a year time, we welcome you ..... please, bring some frens over , especailly gal... the guys here need hugs n kisses n love too ... as it will be more meaningful as in "the cultural exchange " :D


Lilian Tan said...

hey, a thai n jap speaking girl wanna hv the xchange too.


catsndogs said...

thai and jap ??? that will be my pleasure to host them :P

wmw said...

Wah...times sure flies. Suppose to watch movie together and now he's gone off. ha ha....looks like you all had fun.

catsndogs said...

wmw : no worries , he wil be back in one year time..
anyway, we can still go movie.. morning show ya... wahahaha

* Nette`Nette* said...

wahlauu..... got leng chai and u never call me!!! now i can only drool looking at the photos of him u posted... *drool drool drool*

catsndogs said...

nette : that's the point , make u high high a bit maa... wahaha
all the gals fren only call me when seeing italian..
KNN .. normal days didnt even call.... :P