Saturday, August 11, 2007

Something i owed for long

There are 2 lovely gals i owed them to much and too long enough that i don think i wanna waste my time anymore , or it will be a guilt to me for not blogging them :) .

once i heard about Olivia Ong , a Singaporean jazz singer that went to japan started her music career , her song touches me so much that i wanna get her album so badly. But only able to get it at Singapore. However thanks to one of my lovely friend from Spore ,Lilian ... infact it was an unexpected surprise to me when she came to KL one day and gave me the 2 cd's. It was the touches moment for me of what she did , and everynight Olivia songs flows inside living hall. I promise whenever i go Spore next time , for sure will call u as my tour guide :D


The second gal i wanna mentioned which also special to me is my lovely cousin Helen , we used to be very very very close when we were young , and even now we still very close to each other. She's the one who i followed her to kindergarten without telling my parents. Although she's one year older than me , but she really take cares of me.

The happy moment came this January when she got married at KL tower , together wit her husband Esmond. Wat so romantic surprised was both of them came out wit their own ice-cream brand "Helmond" ...awwww , that's too damn sweet. There are 3 favour , durian , manggo and jackfruit , and in near coming future there will be few more favour coming out soon ... interested can get from me for free tasting or anyone if interested as getting distributors , well .... there's always an opportunity :D


Lilian Tan said...

alright, I'm lil and that's it?

i thought we have sth more than tt.

well anyway, i kinda of forget abt u then.

at least, i could say...

i shown sincerity by enroute my trip and pass u the cd u wanted.

as they're my frequently played song on my ipod and i know u louve 'em thus i want u to have it.

thanks for letting me how sincere u can be too.


wmw said...

You're surrounded by such nice folks....cos you're a nice guy mah. Like my blog title : You Get What You Give! Mmm...the ice cream looks good, where to get them? Out in the market already?

catsndogs said...

wmw : i like the way u put it .. "You Get What You Give" , but not always i give then wat in return. jus to be myself , never aspect too much return ..... but u never knows , in the world many people axpect somethign different :)

come to my house ... have plenty of them at my refregrirator. by the way , will have a booth set up at 1U coming week... food fair :P

Gledwood said...

Hey Cats &... howzit goin? Long time no see... Hey have you seen my new Animal Crackers blog? Come have a look it is fantastic... Drop by sometime ... glad things seem 2b going well with you; take it easy

"vol 2" ....

catsndogs said...

wood : hey buddy , is been a while not seeing u... ok ok, will drop by ur site :D