Friday, December 28, 2007

My Lovely Cabinet

Finally the cabinet is on , and just able to put some of the stuff in for display , where the rest still at the store room. Again , million's thanks to all my dear fren for this lovely present , i love all of you .... World Peace.

It just looked like a new constructed shopping mall where each level selling different stuff , and of coz came the christmas season .... it makes a very warm environment.

3rd floor , dangerous electronic department . usually these are the stuff where have to put them up at safer place , or else they will cause big distraction.

2nd floor , the motosports departments , eventually i love this set of F1 as this was my last year birthday present from the same gang ... see, i still display them nicely , and special thanks to soonyean coz the lego setup by him :)

1st floor , the space galaxy department , where most of the item related to science fiction , but so far managed to display few star wars items.. more coming up

Ground Floor , little toys department , basically all my little robot heros were happy to be inside at lower ground.

Anyway , still more toys not enough space to display , and i think i will get another cabinet , or guys .... can buy for my 2008 birthday present in advance ahhhh ???????


Hengster said...

got too many toys then give me!

Yin said...

hellos! it's yin...just dropped by :)

catsndogs said...

hengster : u sure u wan a not ????

yin : :) hey hey, realy thanks for droppin by yaaa...