Monday, December 03, 2007

December , Month of Celebration

yaaahoooooo .... December ..december ..Decemberrr , well .. not sure about the rest , but december sure a month for me...a very lovely lovely month for me. Basically is also a month for me to get review myself and get ready and prepare for 2008 ..... and also a celebration month

- My Birthday , getting more n more younger n more younger in heart

- Absolute Pleasure Entertainment turned one years old , is been not easy year to start , but great
to have those who gave opportunities to me :D

- 10 years memories since 97 to Japan as Student exchange

- Christmas... Christmas ....Christmas ..... :D :D :D , santa , santa , present ..present :D


wmw said...

Woo Hoo...December is the month for merrymaking! Fancy bumping into you at the petrol station! Hahaha...we should meet up for makan and drinks lah to do our fair share of merrymaking for the month of May.

catsndogs said...

haha.. when u wanna go for the makan n drink ?? is like we been saying for donkeys years yaa... :P
and also the photo as well... wahahaha

Precious Pea said...

Happy Birthday to you! When is your big day? I LOVE DECEMBER TOO!!