Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 year end wedding dinner

Finally came to end of 2007 , less than 24 hours before we walk into 2008 .... and i think by attending the last wedding dinner on 30th , this is my 11th wedding dinner in 2007.

congratulations....... errrrr, WAIT . i mean congratulations once again working as partner emcee for the 3rd time in 2007 . HE is not dennise and she is not Josephine , and is not their wedding dinner either ....... but this 2 people tends to be a very match and talented Emcee , let me proudly introduce you Mr.Robert and Ms. Yen.

It was a big day for SoonHo , one my buddy , SoonYean's brother marriage. Months back i was called from soonyean asking me to be his left+right hand .... basically i tends to be pro with right hand laa... but since soonyean offer , is really my pleasure to help out his family as his mom n dad treat me so nice .. .... :P :P

The most talented n matching Emcee in 2007 ... i believe in 2008 more chances for them to work together , if anyone out there need Emcee , call their agent... ah hemmm, that's me. wahahaha

Alwin the videographer finally had a short period of time tasting the fish ..while our multi talented Emcee Robert took up the backup video camera job ....... bravo.. bravo...

since when soonyean had a son ????? ... naaaa , is his cute little nephew , where followed him everywhere. can see him a good father to be in future.

he's actually caught my attention quite a lot , not just me , but many of his 'fans' . i even reccomanded his grandma which model agency to bring him over for shooting , well .. i can be his agent as well , okok.... soonyean can get 2% from the profits.

of coz when came to the end , relatives , family and friends were asked on stage for photo session , first was to ask for a serious normal pose ... then second photo requested from the camera man a happy cute pose..... can see everyone definately happy , but i think soonyean (L) and UnkaLeong ( R) were extremely high. Soonyean were probably asking " God.. when is my turn and which church should i choose for ceremony " ...... while unka leong... ....sorry , i really have no idea wat's Unka Leong trying to do....... wahahaha

Once again Congratulation to ( R - L ) Mr. & Mrs Lee , bride & groom Josephine and Dennis..... and of cos special thanks to Edward a.k.a Soonyean for inviting me over to help out . Lastly , wishes Lee's family a very HAPPY NEW YEAR and may the year 2008 a blast one for all of you.


Hengster said...

Happy New Year brother!
Hope I can emcee your wedding in 2008!

catsndogs said...

Rob : Happy New Year dude .. the only person i wont allow to emcee my wedding is you and soonyean , dangerous laa. wahahaaha..
anyway, if u targeting 2008 , sorry to disappointed you laa.. :P