Tuesday, December 18, 2007

17th & 18th Celebrations

18th December , Tuesday

Times really flies , still remembered last year december when i finally made up my mind to set up a company and full time dealing with Music bands events , at first just a normal thinking as involved in music , but you know sometimes , when oppportunities comes , i just don want to have the ' i'll see how' atttitude , that's why even when the first company approached me to do a annual dinner for them , straight away i say yes .. and that time , i really don know how , because all this while , i was more in supplying bands for annual dinner or weddings , but not as organising.

However , everyone have their first time learning how to crawl before walk and then run , and slowly , gradually i started to learn up lots of things in doin as so call event management. Eventualy a lot of people thought i was from event line , thanks for the look up and i do appreciate that . As i told myself , " Learn from the foundation " ........ and now i wouldnt say i'm at somewhere , yet i still learning , looking back at the one year result for the company i had organised event for them and involved such as :

- Cash Converters annual dinner
- Robotcon @ midvalley
- organised F1 for Foreigners package
- Cycle n Carriage car Alarm system launching
- Omega watch together with Measat catwalk show
- Discovery Honda civic @ sepang
- Excel group training
- Asia Works family fun day
- Bobbi Brown
- few Private funtion party
- supplying wedding bands for dinner

hmm... that's so far i can think of , but still most of them were involved in wedding bands , and of coz for 2008 which have few projects in hand where now in progressing n preparing.
although came to year end but still not the time to say taking any holidays , is just the beginning.
all i can say .... HAPPY BIRTDHAY to A.P.E

17th December , Monday

Every ten years is a turning point , at least i'm happy for the past 10 years living at my 20's with no regretment , achive what i had planned . A lot of times , people use to say 30 is only teh startin for guys , i'm wondering what's my fren for this year who turning 30's .. and i think i'm the last one in december , ohh no.. unka Leong coming this 22nd... kekeke. yeaaaa... let's hold hand together n walk ya... wahahaha.
anyway , at least starting from 2008 jan , i know something need to be change , or something need to be adjust or i should put it this way ..... walking into a new stage , new challenge , new goals , or perhaps setting up a family , is not a must but is something where most of people will have to gone through .........

Since is monday , pasar malam at my area and robert suggested to buy something from pasar malam where i decided to get some pizza n KFC for dinner , infact no fancy food but jus a plain simple dinner . However also my first time serving this kidna plain meal ..wahaha. and previously was a bit doubt coz don know who will turned up for the dinner and yet is jus a simple dinner .... and was wondering if jus wanna ask the rest out for restaurant or stick wit the plan ... finally ended up wit the same plan.

i thought i can get at least a 32' PLasma TV , but i'm surprised to have something better than Plasma TV , which is the display cabinet from IKEA ... thank you for those who contributed in this lovely pressie. Now i can put up some of my lovely collections into the cabinet, and moreover also something i really looking forward :) , After i set up the cabinet and will take a nice pic of it ya.

errrr.... well , honestly , i don know how often i will wear this , and i can tell u all , this is actually by Fuku , see.. i mentioned earlier about Fuku , well .. i don mean n i don say he is gay , but obviously he is not although i didnt say anything about him , yess.. he still loves girls , jus that or mayb this is one of his hobby , sending lovely boxer to guys , hmmm.. i wonder he give bra or undie to girls as birthday present .

well, in chinese society , which celebration or occasion where don have this mahjong game , specially arranged for all the Mahjong Kings , even until forgot the food sessions.
Well , at least one thing be sure , the guys having fun can tell, and so do i ... and this is not the end yet , more big celebrations coming this month. As stated earlier , is a month of celebration....


UnkaLeong said...

May 2008 be an even better year! Congrats Bro!

catsndogs said...

thanks unka leong....

Precious Pea said...

I spotted a tub of noodles. What noodle is that?? Looks like instant noodle to me. And what is that big plate of chunky brown stuffs?

Sometimes no need big big and fancy dish. Pasar malam food also very nice. :)

catsndogs said...

P.Pea : hhaha... is not instant noodle , that's the famous laksa at ss2 pasar malam where they have to Q-up , and yet i don know wat so special about it....

the plate of chunky brown stuff is Apong balik ..errr... i think that's wat it called.

well , for me the happy moment is not about the food , but the bunch of close fren around :)

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