Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weekends with Deep Purple

Spending weeks there just for the special one day , Deep Purple World tour , which they spend almost one year touring to more than 10 countries , and basically this is the last show they will be playing. when u can see 5 of the uncles jamming , jumping on the stage.

Is tiring but yet when the show over always can felt the satisfaction. 2010 my first show helping at the event. Thanks to datuk bringing them in.. u have the right choice n right move.

Even Genting have the most advance System .. yet the Deep Purple technical rider still insist to get their own stuff in. is the final blast of coz.....

"Highway Star" & "Smoke on the Water" is the song never be missed during every concert...

The crowds never get tired of the show... and almost to the full house.

The encore session ...... yet still stayin strong. never know if there will still have the next roadshow tour. but yet to be a part of them.......... next , the Scorpions.

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