Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Will Smith Still the Fresh Prince

Will Smith ... one of the Hollywood actor i admire , knowing him since early 90's for his first family sitcom " Fresh Prince of Bel-Air " until the latest movie which will shown in theather , Hancok ,a homeless superhero, yet he still the fresh prince in Hollywood.

If you still have memories of him in " Fresh Prince of Bel-Air " , check this out , still as funny as before.


* Nette`Nette* said... the Fresh Prince from before until now! Must go and watch hancock.. hehe..

where u going to recharge again? i tot u just came back from one :)

catsndogs said...

nette : let's go watch Hancok together

jules said...

Will mostest favouritest actor lah...
aisey, everybody watch already meh?