Wednesday, January 02, 2008

1st blog in 2008


It seems so fast , already the second day of 2008 , this year , i must not waste anytime anymore , must double and triple my effort. And yet i can see will be a real blasting year for me , and i'm wishing all my friends and loves one , family the same.

New Year resolution ?? used to write it down 5 or 6 years ago , but not now anymore ... but that doesn't mean i don't have new year resolution ya..... Just make it simple , since i love travel , i will make my new year resolution go traveling. Actually 2007 i had been a good boy as i didn't go travel any place. Is kinda hard , seeing friends travel and i had to stay back due to my own commitment or maybe is my resolution at 2006 , saying not to travel for 2007 and concentrate on my work , i can proudly say , yes i done not easy though.

okok ... i think i knew what is my 2008 resolution for the 1st quarter, TRAVEL...... and in fact i already decided to go Taiwan on 11/1 .... ticket booked as well , bagpacking ... :D . And then March , probably will attending friends wedding in Bangkok. Hmmmm... that's my short term resolution plan :P , after that only will plan for my 2nd quarter resolution.

And of course , will arrange my time for being able to travel and then not loose focus on my work , that's what i call Absolute Pleasure ....... :D


Jun Ling said...

Happy New Year to you too!! Jinn told me that the number JINN came out!! Hehehehe...I get free meal for recommending her to buy that number! Woohoo!!

catsndogs said...

junling : Happy New Year to u too , haha, well .. the number is out, but she didnt buy , my dad bought , mayb u can ask uncle wong to buy u meal instead.. :P