Thursday, November 29, 2007

J-Style @ Cineleisure

Drop by Cineleisure at the latest pub SCARLET ... due to Extreme Night will be having an event on 7th & 8th at Bukit Jalil , night time , this is more like a car show and additional of models competition kinda events , they invited some of the sponsors and supplier over there for some private functions.......

However as usual , everytime when i drop by Cineleisure i will also drop by one of my high school fren open boutique called " J-STYLE " .... to show moral support to her . Of coz the "J" stands for japan for sure , most of her clothings were import from japan ..and she do sometimes even flew all the way to japan jus to check out new items .. .. don think that shirts from japan are expensive , infact she kinda selling very reasonable price , well .. u might as well go there and have a check ... by the way... those shirts just for Female . guys allow to go too.... usually their role is to pay for their partners ... :(

well , in future anyone drop by cineleisure feel free to go to 2nd Floor ... jus opposite Scarlet pub and restaurant , and you ( gals ) definately find something nice n sweet shirts inside....

well .. lucky me to have chance meet up the lady boss around at that shop where usually she wont be there... and of coz , as a high school fren , always will support anyone who came out who started own business .... now , jus called her " boss "... or " Miss Tan "

ps ... okokok , enough hardcore selling for ur shop a not ahh.... next round dinner on u


Kelly said...

hmm sounds nice.
Will go to J-style and support your friend when I'm back for X'mas.
If I spell your BIg name out, will I get discount?

catsndogs said...

errr ... u can try to spell my name correctly ... but don know if the discount will be given a not laaa.. wahaha