Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentino 18SX

I guess this year valentine is a bit quiet , not much of advertising and promotion in the market. Or i think i speak only for myself. But at least last year i still have projects of valentineS in hand , but not totally this year. is it becoz of the market influence ??

However , everyday also valentines for me, so makes not much special , i had a wonderful dinner , i call it "Famitines dinner" ...... which is valentines + my family. wahahaha. well , try it to have your loves one all together dining at the same table , it will be something great.

But , nothing greater than driving all the way to Selesa Hill Resort to support my buddy marriage proposal plan , way to go Robby Beng ..... Me ,weiwei n Merve drove all the way and have to be there before 930pm. plan goes smooth , but later after the proposal , according to grace Merve blew the cover coz seeing him wear white .. and the way he walks ????? .... :P

anyway how .. i'm happy with Rob , starting another of his new chapter in life.. but seriouly , like wat grace say , never seen him so uncomfortable before :P , the way his hand shaking which gave grace a suspicious whole night :) , lame acting laaa.

well well well ....... don ask me what happen after that , rob say step by step .... having enough fun. i think this is his mean fun ... at selesa.... at valentines day ...... :D



wmw said...

Ooh...good news! your soft toys "positions"!

Grace said...

You evil... My poor piggy and torty...

catsndogs said...

wmw : is just warmup... errr.. not mine soft toys anyway :P

grace : poor piggy n torty .. but happy robby n gracie :D