Thursday, July 24, 2008

Big Drummer Boy

Yesterday had a fantastic night at wisma MCA ...nopeeeee , it not about politics. although i felt like burning down the building.

NIce to have Edward n Nick join me at the drums clinic by Simon Philips , drummer of the band TOTO. i think all of us enjoyed our 2hours there.

Edward initially struggling if he wants to drop by.. cos why called a Drum clinic ?? he was afriad will the drummer half way pull the audience up for demo, then he fix them if any mistakes.... nice try Ed , u're sitting too far for him to call u anyway.

Every year Bently Music school use to invite some famous drummer to KL for a clinic , or what we known as workshop. The will perfrom , do demo , promote their drums and QnA session. For me is like a charging session and also meeting up some friends n few ex-students.

Like what Simon Philips said .... playing drums is just being innovative. and never afriad to learn , learn those that we used to avoid. Is true though , in life ... we used to escaped , escaped from of what we lack off and afraid not doind good , but only showing our strenght. But i guess to slove our weakness is to help us build our strenght..... :)

woooo ... what a philosophy from drums i had thought of... let me disgest myself first yaaa.


wmw said...

Mana your video with you drumming??? :o)

catsndogs said...

wmw : already have maaa... last year did blog it already :D

katty said...

I love the drummer sound, i feel energizer every time that i listen music where the drummer is notable. i think any band could be sustainable itself without a drummer.
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