Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Transformers animated !!!!!

Transformers movie did a big hit last year and it was an awsome year . And now they even came the latest animated , at the begining was kinda stange for seeing tranformers animated, but i guess if u love the 80's transformers , u will be enjoying the Movie , so here to comes to love the animated :) . Not to say to soon how it's like , but check on TV3 morning show 1st MARCH.

i was questioning myself before the Movie on cinema , can the toys transformable ..and it prove anything is possible. When came to animated , i ask again... can the animated really transforme again yaa..... and nothin is impossible i guess... :P . Here we have the preview , Buckhead of Autobots.

if you wanna see more animated transformers , check on ToyWorkers n thy wil be updating the news.

For TransMy group , it will be another great news and watch out and see what they up to next ... till then " TransMy... transform n roll out. "

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